Web Hosting which should include email hosting is an important factor to consider with regards to ranking by search engines. Choosing the correct web hosting provider could boost your ranking in your targeted locality of your business.

Factors to consider are:

  • Location of Data Centre
    If you are targeting Singapore audience ideally you should host your website in Singapore
  • Fast loading Servers & Applications
    One great criteria is speed of website load. Google recently announced that Page Speed is a factor in its search algorithms. The faster your website loads the better it ranks in Google.Your hosting control panel should have feature to allow you easily do site optimization. Minimally, you should be able to optimise following files from your control panel:

    • text/html
    • text/plain
    • text/xml
    • text/css
    • application/xml
    • application/xhtml+xml
    • application/rss+xml
    • application/javascript
    • application/x-javascript
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee and 24/7 Support helpline

All our hostings, whether VPS or Shared hostings meet the above criteria. Call us at +65 8263 1460 for a discussion on how we could meet your hosting requirements.