Project Description

I.T. expenditures balloon as organizations race for increasingly higher performance that the latest technologies can offer. Not every single task or project lasts for months and for these temporary purposes, companies are starting to take advantage of technologies they can rent instead of outright purchasing new I.T equipment.

For a fraction of the purchase price, customers can enjoy what the latest gizmos that I.T has to offer. Be it the latest server, network switch, storage devices or even simple gadgets such as laptop, tablet PC, projector, printer or even as simple as a keyboard / mouse, Greener technologies strives to provide customers with short term rental solutions.

With a large pool of I.T equipment to serve its customer base, customers can also choose to buy over the equipment should their projects extend beyond the short term, all at extremely competitive prices. Greener technology also provides a broad list of refurbished I.T. equipment for customers who are looking for fantastic bargains. Conversely, we also do buyback from customers who no longer have use of their I.T. equipment.